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What We Offer & What is Presented: Creating value, addressing needs, achieving goals.

Landscape Architecture / Site Design / Master Land Planning

Merge Studio is committed to honoring the design process, we recognize and value the significance of a line. A line can define a vision, arrange and balance form, itemize scope, and organize thoughts that build practical, detailed and inviting spaces. 

Our practice is built upon:
Embodying the practice of Landscape Architecture. We craft ideas. We illustrate and render. We learn and get creative. We are curious and we talk with our pencils. We are a partner in the journey of blending the functionally artful with a story of place.
Approaching projects from various perspectives. We allow opportunities and solutions, we balance built and natural environments.
Creating documents that instruct and inform. We establish long-term value by addressing existing conditions and recognizing future needs to better develop a project.
Offering beneficial choices and creating opportunity that adds value by design. We provide attractive functional solutions through our landscape architecture practice.