Process 05


The Doings & How We Do It: Arranging land, water and structure into meaningful outdoor spaces.

Initial Engagement & Consultation : Fee for Services Program

Let’s meet and get to know one another, talk about your ideas and program goals. Afterwards, we’ll introduce a proposal to itemize scope and conditions. This gets us in gear, nudges the throttle and propels us forward.

Pre-Design : Discovering & Assembling Inventory

The setup and prep: collect and gather conditions, known and unknown, to develop a foundation and background for new design work. We are getting the boat on plane, with the bow down.

Design Process : Applying Big Ideas to the Page

Pencil to paper: arrange, integrate and merge; a synthesis of possibilities and options for charting the course ahead.
PCD:  Program & Concept Development: Analyzing opportunity
SD:  Schematic Design: Unfolding the story, arranging the forms
DD:  Design Development: Tightening the lines, defining the spaces, exploration of design direction
CD:  Construction Details/ Documents: The mechanics, the nuts and bolts, the ingredients and how it all comes together. Digging into the deets and getting particular about the particulars

Construction Stage : The Rubber meets the Road

Seeing it come to fruition, kicking up the dust, with an integration of teams and all parties on deck. A result of thorough planning.
[CO] Construction Observation: Project Rangers, Site Fuzz & Stewardship
Don’t treat the soil like dirt! Honoring the site, building process advocacy, tracking progress, facilitate workmanship & other findings.

Post-Construction : Filling in the blanks

Additional consulting services available: maintenance education, afterprogram assistance, as-built documentation, site review & target scheduling.