hillside meadow plant detail


Merge Studio begins their process by evaluating the needs of the client and the site in order to determine the scope of work and budget. This phase will include a proposal of services for client’s review.
The combined perspective: a process of arranging land, water and structure into meaningful outdoor spaces.

Pre-design Phase:
  1. Prior to designing, Merge Studio will create a base plan layout that consists of either a site survey or base map used to develop spatial relations and site-specific conditions.
  2. Next we must complete all necessary research and development for the site to determine challenges and constraints associated with the site such as grading and drainage, possible necessary permits, and coordination of other consultants, i.e. integration of design / build team.

Design Phase:
  1. Goal alignment kicks off the merge studio design phase to ensure that the design team is aware of all site challenges prior to designing.
  2. Our team begins with conceptual site planning and ideas that incorporate pre-design objectives, including research, sketch studies, study models, design synthesis, and an estimate of preliminary quantities and costs.
  3. Merge Studio will then present preliminary plan illustrations and concepts for client’s review.
  4. Upon client’s approval, the Landscape Architect will undertake a more detailed level of design development and construction details to finalize the design for hand-off to the build team. Construction details typically include site preparation, site layout, site grading or drainage, planting plans, lighting and/or irrigation plans, technical specifications. Any necessary permits are submitted and acquired in this phase.
  5. The final step of the design phase is to finalize the construction budget and schedule, obtain key contractor and supplier quotes, and mobilize to implement the work.

Construction Phase:

Merge Studio will act as an advocate for client by making routine site visits throughout the course of the construction to handle pre-building administration, assist client in obtaining bids and bidding, process monitor the project’s progress and workmanship, ensure that the contract requirements are followed, respond to build team’s questions and provide solutions.

Post-construction Phase:

Merge Studio can be hired for the following services to assist with education and care of the site design.

  1. Prepare “as-built” record drawings and review operational manuals.
  2. Periodic monitoring to assess quality and adequacy of maintenance or work during guarantee or maintenance period.
  3. Create a “calendar of operations / standards of care” manual for assuring the future regular maintenance.