image of modern outdoor kitchen swimming pool design welcome to merge studio The combined perspective: a process of arranging land, water and structure into meaningful outdoor spaces. image of modern landscape water feature finding balance between built & natural environments image of lawn to meadow conversion panorama nurturing dynamic, collaborative partnerships with clients image of hillside meadow succulent planting detail utilizing the practices & ethics of sustainable design image of drought tolerant landscape planting establishing the indoor/outdoor connections for your living space image of bocce court with raised steel edge planters and greenhouse beyond landscapes panoramic image of meandering pathway through hillside lawn to meadow conversion invention: the flux of solution pushing the envelope for innovation image of hillside meadow succulent planting detail recognizing the connections between disciplines to create a shared vision for your site image of board form concrete retaining walls with steel edge steps and raised planters on hillside garden portfolio


image of schematic landscape design plan

Considering the scale of social, economical, and ecological impact and the benefits for a site’s long-term use.

Landscape architecture project in Sonoma County

Our design process combines balance between built and natural environments.  This process itemizes scope, considers assets and constraints, and addresses the client’s specific needs.

cropped image of landscape design detail

Coordinating and consulting with architects, engineers, builders, and artisans to develop a client’s vision with planning principles.

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